Are you ready to migrate to canada from dubai? Then you should know what to expect in your new home. The following are some of the things which Canadians do that you will be expected to do when you arrive there.

• Thanksgiving is in October: On the second Monday of October of each year, Canadians eat a turkey together with its trimming followed by a pie made from pumpkin. With the extra day off, you can squeeze a final weekend out. Just like the Americans, there are football and parades, but the version which features in the culture of Canada doesn’t go back to the pilgrims feasting with the native of the North Americans. It is sort of an old version tradition.
• Lining up for the bus: Though potentially friendly, but it is normally a social, silent situation that will require you to wait for the bus in a line snaking down the block. Those who arrive at the stop first, are the ones who wait longer and they are the ones who will board the bus first.
In Canada, unlike in other countries where you wait for the bus in a crowd, there is an unwritten and unspoken rule where you will need to line up. Its advantage is that it is hard for the weirdos to start talking to you as you wait. But if you are a weirdo, then it will be hard for you to engage in a conversation with strangers.
• Put cream into the coffee: You will learn that, this is part of the Canadian culture. Most Canadians choose to put a hefty dollop of cream into the coffee that they take. Immigrants and visitors might find this to be strange but it is a behavior that is normal to the Canadians. What they call a double-double involves two sugars and two creams.